I remember that beautiful day
When we met by the gate
It wasn’t a mistake
That’s why when you asked for a date
So we reason over a plate
I didn’t hesitate

Don’t think it’s because you are beautiful
Nor because I am not belly-full
Neither do I think your account is plentiful
This has to be really meaningful
And of course something impactful
Just as it is lawful

Your words ate into my emotion
So I invested into your position
Not knowing it was a delusion
You just wanted to hold the institution
So you can change the entire constitution
Without anyone’s permission

Liars prefer clean waters
As truth lives in the midst of charcoal

My life now lives on the line
Because I can’t feel free to dine
Since I don’t seem to be fine
Cos everything seem joyfully glumly

I’ve never met with curse
I’ve never had handshake with prophecy
Or was I ever been told that
Sweet words are bitter sweet hot airs
Soothing the ears at release
And piercing the heart at rest

You’ve not kept your words
You kept them right where we met
To settle like dust to be kissed
And wiped by the running wind
Agenda is supposed to be DI-SCUSSED
But yours was rather MONO-SCUSSED
And you think
You’ve kept your words
But No
You’ve not kept your words

Today my 3 is 2
My 2 is 1
Just imagine my 1
Struggle of life without aid
It has become

Wait a minute
I just remembered the key terms
Smoked out few days ago
From the factory of information
No Politician has your interest
They project their interest
In the hearts of the innocent
But would rather get their bits
And when they are belly-full
They will vomit pieces on your path

In simplicity
This is why
You’ve not kept your words

Edem (Fodeka) Kusorgbor




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