Why Me?


Why me, I ask,

In moments dark and cold,

When life seems like a dreary task,

And my heart feels old.


Why must I face these struggles,

These pains and heavy loads?

Why must I endure these troubles,

On this lonely road?


But then I hear a whisper,

A voice within my soul,

Reminding me that I am,

Stronger than I thought.


I am here for a reason,

I was sent for a purpose,

And the struggles of this season,

Are shaping and molding me into gold.


So I will face each challenge,

And rise above the fray,

For I know that I am capable,

And I will find my way.


Yes, there may be moments of despair,

And times when I feel alone,

Even when I am in pair

But I will rise up, strong and fair,

For I am not on my own.


Edem (Fodeka) Kusorgbor



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