In the heart of Africa lies a land,
Blessed with resources, rich and grand,
But oh, the pain that we must withstand,
For our blessings are being wasted on this land.

The soil is fertile, the rivers run deep,
The forests are vast, the mountains steep,
Yet poverty and hunger never seem to sleep,
And our people suffer, their souls to keep.

We mine our diamonds, drill for oil,
We harvest our crops, and till our soil,
Yet the wealth of our land seems to spoil,
And we remain poor, in turmoil.

Our leaders are corrupt, and they steal,
From our people, they take and deal,
And the poverty they cause is real,
A wound that refuses to heal.

The children cry out, their stomachs empty,
Their dreams shattered, their hope so scanty,
And the world watches, so complacently,
As our resources are wasted so wantonly.

Oh, Africa, how your heart must ache,
To see your blessings go to waste,
May your leaders awake, and your people take,
Their rightful place, with dignity and grace.

Clothed with riches
Led by the greedy
Investing in pockets
Rather than in economic rockets
To help the masses
They rather cover their lapses
Sealing intentionally created holes

The rich is poorer than the needy
With all its resources
Still begs the white skin colour
To feed back home

Africa is bleeding
From the wounds on its resources
Given out like Chichinga
In exchange for peanut

We have all
Yes Africa has it all
Name it
From human to whatever
But where are we
We are the rich beggers
We are like teenage girls
In their menses with diapers
But lack the usage knowledge

©® Brown Sketchys x Edem Fodeka🖊️

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