Timing Death


A man runs in age.
Happy, growth is in progress.
Bothered not time
Runs without a stop.
Even when its source of
Power dies,
It still runs without legs
In its imaginary memory
Without a blink.

Many have wished
For a bind together.
Many have pleaded
A move with time till ever.
But waiting patience it has not.

Time gives joy overflow,
To the young and aging.
Priding themselves with the number
But not the count.

Timing death
Is like a wait on menstruation
After an act of ionization.

Many have device a means
For timing death.
Buying life from scammers
Who promise through chemicals.
But the grave has to eat.
The driver of time
Has a destination.
And surely,
The break must be pulled.

Edem Fodeka

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