I have calculated my steps
The steps I’ll take
To uncover the wealth I want
But my choices
Have no light

Life makes me live like a lifeless being
Locked behind the gates of success
An uninvited friend
Has rented space in my heart
The gears of my life
Have become automated
To only the reverse

Then came a bearer
Bearer of a fortune torchlight
Which can help on the path of discovery
But it came with a price

A free gift
It never was
A price tag was around its neck
Exchange for the head it was

I want to also swim in a pool of joy
I want to also smell
The presence of money
Not for the fame
But the game
Just to follow the system
So that mockery
A welcome song wouldn’t be to me

But I’ve now realized
That the mockery of with the head
Is far better than
The mockery without the head
Sold my head for wealth
Just because of the system.

Edem (Fodeka) Kusorgbor

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