The end point



We were there

Yes we were

Before the gate was closed

Even before the ring of the bell

That was the force

Behind the closure of the gate

We didn’t see ourselves late

We even passed people-by

Who had the opportunity

To wave at us

As the gate sadly closed


We had no choice

But to have a return journey

Which was never to come


We marked time round ourselves

But could not find a perfect way

We looked and looked

To no avail

Then the gate opened suddenly

And we shouted a sigh

A sigh of relief

Relief from the journey’s stress

Stress avoided till now


Upon a second look

Our hearts sunk

Into the ocean of fear

And drowned in panic

For the owner of the house

Looked like iron of fire

Melting and spreading every step


We wanted to pay death

To have its way

In our lives

But death has no place

Where we found ourselves


Edem Fodeka

6 thoughts on “The end point

  1. Full of lessons, life’s only one it has redirected me how to live it so that that day it will not be an option for me to choose the gate way but straight to the kingdom of greater God. May you live long I also pray for God to grants you the necessary wisdom like King Solomon for wisely use but not to end like he did where he was deceived by the wife to worship idols

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