Talent of writing
A gift you have honoured me with
To touch lives and institutions
I say thank you my Creator

Irons they say sharpens irons
A host of talented scribblers
You paved way for me to meet
My fellow scribblers
Thank you and God bless you
Especially you, Probity~1

A tree does not make a forest
A scribbler has no name
Without a reader
Readers are the most precious
Resources a scribbler can boast of
My dear readers
I am super proud of you
For helping my talent grow

May Twenty Twenty-Three (2023)
Dance to the tunes of our hearts desires
Clothing us with the warmth of success
And progress

Thank you.

Edem (Fodeka) Kusorgbor

3 thoughts on “THANK YOU.

  1. Congratulations for making it this far. A host of our young children have this talent. Mentor and groom them to even be greater than you.
    Wome siakaɖi dana ɖe afiaŋu te o. Mina míaƒe kekeli nàkpe le amewo ƒe ŋkume.

    The good Lord will reward you abundantly.

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