Tell her I am not a trickster
I feel her presence in her absence
It feels good when she’s just a stone’s throw

Tell her I admire her
I want to come to her
I want to hold her hands
Close to my chest
Just like the moon walks with the shadow
I want to walk with her
Without a depart

Tell her for me
Tell her my sleep crushes with the sea
Every night
Rendering me helpless all night
Tell her my mind knows no rest
It fights me day and night
But my heart is too weak to bow

Tell her
My legs run with speed
Without my body
My heart bleeds with tears
Without dripping
My tongue warbles with words
Leaving the sounds me-me-me

Tell her
I wanted to tell her
How her beauty eats deep into my life
Creating holes of emptiness
But I’ve lost my voice
I’ve sold my courage
Tell her for me
Were she a civilian
The wish of my heart
Wished years ago at a distance
Would have seen the light
Shine in the darkness

Just tell her
I am without hope
Only if she can lend me her hope
I’ll keep it till we bond
No longer at distance

Tell her
The many tales
I’ve kept in the secret of my heart
Tell her
Tell her
Just tell her for me

©️EDEM Fodeka

10 thoughts on “TELL HER FOR ME.

  1. “Just tell her for me”

    You managed to withdraw the deposit of feelings right from my hearts bank. You’re such a great hacker of feelings , Fodeka

    Great piece

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