A drive on wings of life
Lead me to another destination.
Where I was welcomed
With water coloured red.

I wanted to great
But it was not allowed there.
No one talks.
But, we have conversations
Among us like normal.


I felt like a new creature.
Then, I felt something like
Ice running round my face in circles.
When it stopped,
My bright sight
Was rather a blind sight.

See heads walk.
Life was upside down.
Then I remembered an old man
Who once told me
There are different worlds.

If you are told
To visit the desert river,
If you are told
The forest is a walking desert,
If you are told
The sea is a dry land,
Do not cry your ignorance out.
I have seen them all.

Life lives in the so called
Inanimate objects.
Have you seen a fish
Fly like a bird?
Strange, right?
Yes, strange.

Edem (Fodeka) Kusorgbor

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