Shadows of Brightness

I walk in the shadows of brightness
With shout of joy in the darkness.
When will I meet gladness?
When will my heart of emptiness
See the light of fullness?

I’ll think through to know.
I don’t want your mind to blow.
For I want my instincts to grow.
And I can’t stoop so low
To make mistakes I so know
Can lead me down below.

No man has ever defeated
The communication of hearts.
Secret is not part of their theory.
They see without the eyes
And communicate without the tongue.

Their tongues know no other word
Long have I longed for you.
You fuel my tank
Via a touch of love.
You are like the heat
That melts the ice of my heart.
The sun that dries
The clothes of my feelings.
The rain that washes away
The fears in my life.
The forest that keeps
The secret of my breathe.

But wait a minute.
Is this journey that smooth?
Why are there potholes of darkness
On the way?
Why has it a cloud of pain?
What of the bundle of deceit?

That’s why it is called
Shadows of brightness.
Let me just close
The doors of my mind
And enjoy the ride.

Edem Fodeka

14 thoughts on “Shadows of Brightness.

  1. Nice rhyming, I like the fact that you begun with thought provoking questions to the reader. Keep it up bro

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