SECRET LOVE (Poem) By Edem Fodeka




Each day I set bed like this
In my mind
To welcome you to my arms
Each night I count with my mind
And my hands in the air
Together with my voice
The beads on your waist
Sometimes they are big
Other times they are small
Just the way I like them
Then my hands roll up and down
While my mouth finds your nipples
In the air
And your melodious moan
Sends shivers through my veins
The journey of my hands
Thrives on the moan
From the base of your heart
That sound causes my veins
To sing with the angels.

My love for you
You know not
But in the secret of my heart
You own a lot
I am always behind you
Massaging your thighs
So you stay healthy
Just for me

Oh! I wish you were just Within arm’s reach
I wouldn’t hesitate
To shoulder you right to
The hospital of my hands for a massage

But here am I
In the mood of my imaginative dreams
With my lips signing a deal
As my hand draw a path on the spine
Straight to the beads
Which sing and give rhythm to my langalanga
To dance uncontrollably

My lips were readily ready
On a licking van
Let’s ride in the boat
Of ice to freeze our melt
And melt our freeze
With the heat of energy
From our lick.

My heart is out for you
Even if I have a one-minute manship
It is better than even 15 minutes
And it will be a sleeping dose
To your curvy body
Because you’ll never forget the treat.

Oh how I wish to know
How warm your warmth is
Like I wouldn’t hesitate
To swim in it
Time without number
Entrusting my heart into yours
Like we have met God already

Like a submarine
I wanna dive under
The ocean of love in you
And under you
I want to be drinking from the wells protruding
On your lovely chest
Where your breath
Serves rhythm to my ears
And your drip a hot fluid That melts me
To the point
Where I’ll hold you tight
Like the nails on a wood

If for this reason
You’ll want to call me bad
I wanna even be called the worst

Oh! give me the keys
To the doors of your chamber
So I can drink myself to stupor
In your lovely ocean
I know there is
Something sweeter than honey right there
That’s why
I hold a cutlass of pleasure
To weed around your garden
Without giving pressure
To plant without seeds

But this is all by myself

In my mind

Edem Kusorgbor Fodeka

27 thoughts on “SECRET LOVE (Poem) By Edem Fodeka

  1. Eiiii, Adults only indeed, hahahaha.

    Well done. I love your imaginative mind…let it be just that…Imaginative. lol.

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