Rejected kiss

In her arms he slept soundly.
Her chest, his comforting sofa .
Her waist, his arms surrounded.
With her beads his playing toys.

His comfort rose like
Mount Afadja.
His soul was far down the valley.
Because, her hands
Moved round his head
While her mind ran faster than a clock.

He was happily happy
Planning skills and styles
With no intention of rest for the night.

Come, his voice sounds softly
Feed gently with your pointed chest
My tongue awaits you
As my lips lubricate
With the fluid of love

Three times without a response
He quickly jumped to start the engine
But it never responded.
He kicked the battery from down
But like a red oil on ice
The engine died even the more.
He’s with determination.
For he’s a hunter of hunters.

He cooked a plan
To plant a kiss
Right on her lips
But was met with a resistant.

He never bought the lip’s shine
To warrant the lips’ hype
Even in a seconds.

His journey of a fantasy designed
Ended with a kiss
Rejected with a resign
From his Love’s Company.

Edem Fodeka

2 thoughts on “REJECTED KISS

  1. On the ‘Rejected Kiss’ was he lured to the pot of revenge? Or he was in a Dreamland thinking a big meat has landed.

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