Physically Dirty, Spiritually Clean


Physically Dirty, Spiritually Clean

Life is full of ironical scenes
Clothed in paradox
My soul hunger for purity
But my body fights
A lot of this world’s duties

Look at the tidal waves
Ebbing and flowing
Like how the opposing forces
In us keep growing
One for serenity
And the other for earthly delight

My heart is pure
But the world is shoddy
If you see me dirty
Judge not my look
Rather clean me
With love and kindness

There is an invisible battle
I fight just to find my place
On this stage of life
Where I lay and find peace and happiness

I come here in peace
Don’t look only at my pieces
For harmony
I embrace duality
This is my beautiful way of life

He knows me
The pure dirty girl
They call me the dirty one
But I am the dirty clean one
Whose heart is crystal clear
I am that physically dirty
But spiritually clean girl

Edem Fodeka

7 thoughts on “Physically Dirty, Spiritually Clean

  1. This poem reminds me of the advise I have received that, judgment should be withheld, and that there is often more to a person than meets the eye.

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