On this stage we started our day
On this stage we love
The many things we met
On this very stage
We started our performance
With many plans in mind

On this stage
We planted ourselves like seed
As we waited on its germination
We hoped for conditions
Like grace, favour, love among others
For a bumper harvest

It was on this stage
That we lit the faces of our audiences
With the light of candle
As they welcomed us with a loud shout
We were walking in the atmosphere of love
Filled with a million kisses

It was on this same stage
We were separated
From our souls
Our performance
Was like a visit of death
There was a total darkness of light
Which welcomed a dead silence
From our audiences

This stage
Pulled us often
But in almost every pull
There was a push

This stage
Was really pregnant with experience
It came with a truck of mixed feelings
Containers of mood swing

Sometimes we wished the other way
Other times
Our comfort rose like the smoke
From the offering of Abel

To avoid
One cannot
This stage
Is life clothed with years
And soon the old will die
And a new one birthed

Edem (Fodeka) Kusorgbor

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