Like goats in ropes
Man is taken
To the slaughterhouse
By himself

This is how it is
Man marries chemicals
And births babies of death
In pieces

Death births suicide
In hearts of men
Even in their coats
Taken for all-knowing

When the earth boils
It cries out vapor
When it receives food
It settles its grudge with the sun
They come together
To birth beautiful children
Who are sent to man by man

Man feeds the earth
For a return
But the pain of hurt
Is never kept at home
It goes on a return journey
To the house original

Instead of a tie of bone
We tie our bones
Instead of the earth for earth
We poison to eat
Instead of a tie for a job
We tie the job
And kill the hope

We have dragged ourselves
To the altar of death
Our hands are soiled
With the blood of our own
As we plant bombs
Bombs of suicide
Which explodes without warning

Edem Kusorgbor Fodeka

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