Edem Fodeka


Like a daily pill for the sick

Like how the Earth

Receives kisses

Of light from the sun

I looked at her with love

I watched without a blink

Her beauty was deeper than the well

Like a diamond

Her skin radiated prettiness


Were she a flower

Like the bee

Her abode my bed would be

Were she a school

I’d love to trail

And never graduate


But today

Her skin has become

Like a banana

Peeled without remorse

Exposed to erosion by chemicals


Drenches deep like the ones

Created by Volcanoes

Has she dug on her attractiveness

All in the name of toning


Her skin withers

Like dying roses

Like fragments of bones

Under water

Her look now like a dungeon

Where her veins cry for help

Cos’ cold eats them

Without favour


Corrosion is taking place

Just like how bananas melt





He wants to be the national theatre of attraction.

He wants to direct all eyes to his skin

Which should beam with radiance like sunrise.

So he avoids the cream;

It will leave traces of the fake golden skin.

He takes the pill like his life depends on it.


Now, he looks glorious like a ghost

As closer zooming looks

Reveal the bright dark spots

That once hid in the night of his skin.


He feels being butchered and burnt

As the sons of the sun seem more merciless

On him than others.

He now wears friableness,

Living the life of an egg;

A crate of crying and dying tomatoes

Trapped in a masculine figure.

The armour of his fragile skin is gone

And now he feels he was never born.


Edem Fodeka


Prince Litela Agbemedu (Probity~1)

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