Moulding my modernity

A new day has come

A new era pops up

New life is the new order


This my old self is weak and weary

This my old self

Is clothed in darkness

I am surrounded with emptiness

So I mould my modern self


I have become like morning dew

Kissing the mouth

Of every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Mockery is my welcome note

Written on the surface

Of the wind.

It welcomes me with shock

Like the Tsunamis.

So I have no choice

Than to start work

Moulding my modernity.



Moulding my modernity

Is the only way

I can live in the forest of buildings

Where sand flow like water

And rivers are carried away

Like the chaff at the mercy of the wind.


Today has changed

What yesterday was.

As the days grow

Tomorrow will surely change today.

I can’t keep my old self.


I work to mould my modern self.

Edem Fodeka

(Edem Kusorgbor)


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