Let me pleat my words
Like dread in your heart
Allow me a space in your heart
To prepare a garden of love
I’ll prune any thorn
Fresh or dry
For your look
Is mesmerizing

We will rest like babies
Without worries
Like the sun
Far from our bond

Let us walk together
Giving work to brains and mouths
On which their dining is set
Let’s break hearts
And make eyes bleed
Like a wounded tree
In lonely forest

My words are not political
To carry you to a home of deception
Cos’ I don’t want children of distortion
Who will grow into a beautiful confusion
On words sweeter than seduction

We shall think like like minds
As we walk like like beings

Edem Fodeka

7 thoughts on “LOVE ME

  1. Beautiful piece of love! I love your figures of speech that adorn the poem. I love the last two lines most; the pun in them is thrilling. Nice work! 💓🥰

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