I’ll tell you a tale
Inks fly with wings than the wind
It’s just natural

When I went to Sulem
The people lived in harmony
They didn’t see a difference
When they eat or drink
They look not back
They only have a smile
Straight from the heart

When they see another
They never are different
They laugh like normal
And vibe like formal

Poison was a drink
Poured to clean the sink
They never dilute the drink
That is poured through the throat
Until the arrival of envy
The senior daughter of jealousy
Born in the heart of pride
By dirty fame

So the story changed
One wants more than the other
An invitation was sent to death
Which comes once to greet
But now with a home
Ready to breed

The foreigner is a different breed
Possessed with a pregnant greed
Traveling to meet
A desirable need

Lateness has a branded name
Classified with a built niche


Edem Fodeka

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