When the storm comes
When the world seems quiet
When nobody cares
I coil and hold myself well

When the world’s worries worry me
When all ears go deaf
When all eyes are openly blind
And emptiness eats in my heart
I hold myself tight
in the palms of my hand

When the Earth rotates differently
In my world
When I eat from the pot of pains
When loneliness traps my soul
I coil like a mosquito repellant
In the palms of my hand

When I swallow my little pride
Like bitterly sweet pills
When I sing lonely music of many
I coil myself
Just like this
In the palms of my hand

Sleep buries worries
As eyes rain tears
In a world I live solo
The only remedy to death
Sleep without wake
Wake died with death
As eyes blink not
Not even a second

Let me coil
Holding myself
Right in the palms of my hand

Edem Fodeka

7 thoughts on “I HOLD MYSELF

  1. Beautiful word play, creating middle rhymes.

    I love the anaphora and the refrain/epiphora which together create symploce.

    The oxymorons are not hidden.

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