The beautiful Nukpɔkpɔ
Of the Anlɔ land

Miaƒe lekewɔnu
Culture of arts and hospitality
From the land far from further
Through the walls of Ŋɔtsie
To the coast of Volta

People of power and culture
We are the people with no fear
So 1 firewood
Can cook for all to eat
Anlɔ kotsiklolo
Naketi ɖeka nɔ dzome bi nu

It’s that time again
To hold our hands together in unity
Through the holy reconciliation
Our Nugbidodo
Forging ahead through thick and thin
Our glimetoto
You remember the Gosasa
Misago midzo la
Miaƒe mɔ didi

We have the tongue
Which reads every tongue
Call us delicacies
For we are the home of all
Just name them

Pinɔ from the house of gari
Abolo from almighty corn
Yakayakɛ from the mother agbelimɔ
Have you tasted the Dzenkplē
The akplê with the fetri toto
Abɔbitadi, detsififi, or the lãmumudetsi?
Have you heard of the life saving
Or bɔbɔ kple yevunemi

And ayikplê?

It’s the Anlɔ land you’ll see
Atsiƒuƒui and agbelikaklo
Snack delicacy hairstyles
On the head of our beauty queens
The land called home

Artistry, Craftsmanship, Warfare and Greatness live here
The feats of Tɔgbui Sri, Tɔgbui Tsali, Tɔgbui Akplɔmada, Tɔgbui Ʋenya, etc are unmatched.

The place of succulent beauty
The clean golden beaches
The famous Keta lagoon
The estuaries and the azizã.
The tɔkɔ atɔ̃lia fifth landing stage.
The forts and other historical monuments

People of valor
People of peace
People of oneness
People of culture
People of wisdom
Long Live Anlɔ


Edem (Fodeka) Kusorgbor


Daniel Wolfson Agbenu


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