He came suddenly
To our house
Nobody expected him
It was after dinner
When we gathered to gist
And sent off the dying day
To its parking

With no dagger
Oh, let me say
With no weapon
He entered our home
Like a seasoned robber
Not for money or gold
Silver or diamond
We have no problem
If it were any of the above

He came with a cold wind
And our ears only embrace
A light cough from the throat
Of our beloved one
And that’s the end

He came and took away
A precious stone
More precious than even a diamond
Tears like flowing rivers
Run our faces nonstop
Our shout for help
Travelled to the palace of the moon
And here gathered are the stars
Whose voices took over our dying ones
Like a chorus of a new song
Ao! Ao! Ao!

He came physically invisible
He took away what we wanted most
And left us in despair
We called on many
To knock on his door
But he has no home

Edem Fodeka

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