When I heard the announcement
From your succulent voice
The announcement of wait
Waiting on you till you come
I took my stand
By the lover’s bench
For I know
A look at you
Will greatly move my feet
Off the ground
Where two of us together
Will float in the ocean of love
Right in the atmosphere

I couldn’t choose another
Than the greeny surrounded bench
For I know how green you are
And how our green love
Will grow, glow and blossom
Into a beautiful NUKPƆKPƆ

I await your arrival
Like the groom on the bride
I await your arrival
Counting hours as seconds
Days as minutes
Weeks as hours
For there is no wasted time
In a wait for you
For your arrival

You own the lotion of ocean
In which my motion of mission
Is set on a high passion
On which I travel to the nations
As I swim in dreams of nothing
Oh! your gorgeous locomotion
Is a high cause of vibration
Which has rented the room of my imagination

I am not a liar
To help put your heart in tears
Just as my words do not carry fears
Just accept to be my gear
And I’ll make you dear
To my heart here

Or do you want to see my fellow
Who is ready to make you a widow
As he drenches a beautiful hollow
In the center of your heart’s pillow?

Edem Fodeka Kusorgbor

17 thoughts on “GREEN LOVE

  1. Beautiful piece of love boiled in the oil of figures of speech.

    I love the code switch. It does not only make the poem beautiful; it gives it its sense of setting.

    Appetising words and lines.

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