I am sentenced
Into the prison of your bra
I suffer suffocation in silence
Oh! what wrong have I done?

Don’t you know
I am the pot of water
You carry without
A visit to the stream?
I am your tourist center
How can I be toured
When I am locked up?

I am the comfort
So soft like freshly baked bread
The comfort seekers seek

Eyes are hungry
As tongues thirst
Hearts are dying
Hands are falling
Just because
I am in prison

On the chest by bra

I don’t really belong here

Even though I must be here
Allow me to wipe tears
On the faces of my peers
Yes, they are my peers
Because they help to sweep
The seeds of cancer
Out of my house

I am not for you

Even as I am yours
You are just like a host
And I am the guest
I must be freed
To feed eyes and mouths
The right amount
So I am set free
From the deadly disease
Slaughtering without machetes

I am dying
Not only the death of loneliness
Surrounded by the wall of colours
But I am also dying
The death of worrisome

If I could drink air like water
If I could feel the warmth of mouths
If I could be touched
The heat of boil
Will not grow and blow
Like a balloon in me
Melting tears from eyes
Day and night

Abeg free me
Even if for a day
Free me
For an hour
Free me
For a minute
Free me
For a second
Abeg just free me

Edem (Fodeka) Kusorgbor

6 thoughts on “FREE ME

  1. I think I need to recite this to that one person tonight……. Thanks bro for this campaign……. Set me free from bondage

  2. This bait poem needs a space in the media as quickly as possible so that those in prison can be freed for freedom, for fresh air, for feeling fit farming in the farming family.

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