In shadows of despair dwells a heavy heart
Where tears are the ink and sadness is the sorcery
A poignant melody
Whispers of sorrow’s tale
Aching depths within like a ship lost in a gale.

Through veils of sadness a dreary world perceived
Where happiness eludes and hope begins to grieve
Gloomy clouds consume the once vibrant sky
And laughter
Like a distant echo bids farewell

In the deepness of sadness
Loneliness finds its place
Weighed down by thoughts
Yet in this darkness
Little residues softly glow
The promise of tomorrow
A chance to let it go

So let the tears fall
An ocean to release
Cleansing wounds within
Granting a moment of peace
For in the depths of sadness
Rays of light will bloom
Renewing strength and resilience
Chasing away the gloom.

Fear not the sadness
For it shall pass in time
Like storm clouds parting
Surrendering to a sublime
And when the sun makes an appearance
Radiant and bright
You’ll rise from sadness
With newfound inner light.

Edem (Fodeka) Kusorgbor

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