Here I lay in desperation
Out of a toxic relationship
My heart is in rotation
Wandering if to cut anything call friendship
Maybe it is the best decision
Travelling on love’s ship

Love has no effort no more
It has become a cooked beans
Ready to eat
But when it is finished
Our love starts to wither and go

I have prepared a bitter honey
And laid a table of confusion
In my heart
My body quivers and shivers
As I remember how you ignite
Within me a passion to love
My heart beats faster as it delivers
The love within me
Without a second thought

But here I am now
In a confusion state
Is it that you forget to say “I love you”,
Is it that I no longer represent
The whole Wiase
Is it that your heart no longer beats

You stopped doing the little things
I assume that love will always be there
And that’s when my troubles begin
And innocent heart is at war
And here is the end of the road

Edem Fodeka

2 thoughts on “END OF THE ROAD

  1. “Love has no effort” very true
    So we have become an unknown island
    To the people who cherished as
    As the whole wiase
    A sad end of a romantic love

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