We were told
There is light at the end of the tunnel
So we started to dig for the entrance
With our little fuel
We fuel the little lamp
For we are sure
We wouldn’t need that
When we see the light
At the end of the tunnel

Is this not dry hope?

But here we are
In a darkened light
Ino be tunnel dem talk?
Or ebi tanel e for be?
Where the light dey?

We see another tunnel
We say this is another hustle
We just have to bustle
Then we get to the angle
But there is no funnel
To sieve the darkness from the light
Here again at the end of the tunnel
In a darkened light

With our dry hope

Our hopes are dried
Why keep on with the fight
When we will only be fried
By the very light
We seek to find?

Tsɔme manya tae kuvia menyo o
But when hardwork go pay?

Or make still dey hold dry hope?

Be manyo tae fififi medzrom o
But buy thumbs and see
If you can’t buy the light
Without a search

Edem (Fodeka) Kusorgbor


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