Bond of love
Visited with a split of heart
My day of joy
has seen the pain in folds
As my heart
waits for a heart that loves two

I contemplated
if her state of being
is for her beauty
which catches every eye
and flames every heart
with erotic desire
that puts hearts in a dilemma

But I am sure
I am enough for her
Cos’ many are they
Who praise my style of bedmatics
If it comes to money let it not even a topic be
Or maybe she wanted other things
But other things like what?
That she has not claimed are in me
Is she mine
Or monkey dey work
Wey bamboo the chop?
She comes with a smile
A broad smile to kill
And when I stand to receive her waist
Between my bones for a hug
She enters the thin air
Painting my happy face with loads of disappointments

My expected expectation
Is met with a mixed feeling
Tears flowing like the ocean
I comb my life as I grow restless
I tap my brain and pinch my soul
Just to be sure

I wanted to say goodbye
But the lure of temptation
Is hard to resist
Is this love or lost?

Edem Fodeka

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