CAGED a poem by Edem Fodeka and Probity~1



She is a wonderful worker.

Her room, full of sweetness.

You cannot drink from her waters

And leave without a memory.


She goes with you

Narrating tales and sweet tales

Of return.

Voice, so succulent she posseses

Such that, a resistant is never found

In her bank of words.


I tell myself,

I won’t be caged.

I’ll break the chain

And burn the irons.

Sure never to return.

But her calls never cease.


Cunningly, she added a coloured air

From a burn.

Even as I dare a change

The pressure in the pleasure

Caged me down.


Every day,

I burn the bush of my lungs

And set ablaze

The house of my kidneys.

Gradually, I am burning

Like a forest at the mercy

Of a wild bushfire.


I celebrate at different locations

Without occasions.

I see the stars, sway

As I dance on tunes of the sky

With the wind.


Here, look!

I am caged.

Caged behind the bars of sticks

Which produce tones of smoke.

On the walls of liquor

Have I leaned without strength.




Cos of the pressure

I receive from the pleasure

Without resistance.



Thank God it’s Friday!!

It’s good Friday!

Every Friday is good Friday.

Just as Jesus tasted death on this day,

So must my mountains of moans and sighs and sobs see death,

So I swim in the seas of fun.


I’m Party Gbee

So it’s Party After Party,

Drenching myself in the pool of Enjoyment

With Rollies and Cigars

And many a New African Girl

Who may or may not be my Ohemaa or my Mon Bebe

Becoming brothers with bottles

All because life must sail swiftly with No Pressure.


That’s how it all began

All in the name of:

Pouring pressure and pain away,

Stressing my stress,

Burdening boredom,

Leaving loneliness lonely,



Now, I’m caged;

Caged behind bars;

Bars of cigars;

Cigars that keep my heart enraged.


My heart is now an incinerator

And my nostrils, chimneys and exhaust pipes.


Now, I’m caged;

Caged in bottles;

Bottles that blast me into battles;

Battles that make me deranged.


I’m slipping life out of me

I’m reducing me to ashes

I’m killing me with enjoyment.

I seem to enjoy this bitterness.

I want to divert from this path of life of buoyant death

But I can’t

Because I’m caged.



© Edem Fodeka Kusorgbor (0245857983)


Prince Litela Agbemedu (Probity~1) (0544993821)

6 thoughts on “CAGED a poem by Edem Fodeka and Probity~1

  1. Hmmmm, irresistible passion for desire will always caged a man.
    Something to watch carefully else, a word to the wise…

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