Be My Val
They say it is a day for lovers
They say red is lovers’ hue
They say lovers love chocolate
So they love to show love
But me I dey my corner

You go be my Val?
I dey my corner like love
No concerns me
Cos I no get person
Wey love me
Red wears kuraaa
Na funeral ones I get
But no means say
I never love love oooo

Hey! Look
I want you to be my Val
I’ve being a perfect example
Of a genuine lover
I don’t muddy myself with
The dirty love of lust
I would not have come your way
If love was lust in my dictionary
Let me bath you with love
Let me crown you with joy
Let me practically burry you
In the arms of my love
I’ll cover you with the clothe
Of Comfort

No be say I no know good tin ooo
Na wait I wait to catch the right right
No think am say I be fearo
Na patience wey born my heart
Come make eyes like say
Dem bi Satellites
Come be my Val

So on this Chocolate day
Be my Val
Today and forever

Edem (Fodeka) Kusorgbor

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