A day like this
Eats into our bones
We sleep on beds of sorrow
With no hope

Our progress is halted
Even in a U-Turn mood
But we embrace failure
Cos’ we are greedy

On a day like this
We should have all been
In a jubilant mood
Counting the many good things
66 has brought to our lives

But here we are
Celebrating with a borrowed money
While our students sit on bare floors
In our schools to write

Here we are
Parading on broken wings
Where there are no books
For our kids to read

Here we are
Looting to fill our greedy accounts
In the name of national celebration
And will call it
Building a nation BEYOND AID

Here we are driving on patched road
To eat and merry
On the account of the suffering
And the list is unlimited

Are we independently independent
Or it’s just a name
We enjoy using?

Edem (Fodeka) Kusorgbor

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