The National Teaching Council wrote a worrying letter to GES and indirectly telling them they not happy about the frog ways the teachers adopted to acquire the NTC points for their license renewal.


NTC has written a love letter to GES as 100,000 of it’s staff have not accrued even a single CPD point. 🤣


The National Teaching Council has noted with concern the snail pace at which staff of GES are complying with the point-based teacher continuous professional development (CPD) since the commencement of teacher registration and licensing in October 2020. The data available to the Council points to a disturbing low points build-up for majority of teachers.

As you are aware, the Council per its guidelines, has opted to use CPD points as one of the conditions for the renewal of in-service teachers licence and registration. Based on a person’s rank, one must obtain a minimum number of points to qualify for renewal of licence and registration. The CPD points are gained by assessing NTC approved CPDs, either provided by the employer or accredited CPD providers.

Data available to the Council indicates that over one hundred thousand (100,000) of your staff have not accrued a single CPD point since their registration numbers were issued from October 2020 to date.

Presently, only four thousand, out of over three hundred thousand teachers are potentially able to meet the minimum CPD points by the end of next year

Per the Education Regulatory Bodies Act 2021, Act 1023, 67(1) “A person shall not practice as a teacher unless the person is registered as a teacher in accordance with this Act”. It is also urgent to draw your attention to section 79 of the same Act which says “A person shall not knowingly or negligently employ a person as a teacher in an institution unless the teacher is registered under this Act”. Also note that teachers are expected to renew their registration within fifteen days before the specified expiry date.

The trend of your employees’ compliance to the prescription of the law is worrisome and your immediate intervention to forestall us coming to the brink of legal dilemma. It is important that NTC enforces the law but is equally important that our schools have professionally qualified teachers. This pre-emptive communication is to enable us strategize ahead of time and ensure that no teacher is unduly affected.

The Council therefore calls on you as the employer of a large number of teachers to strategize how you can support your staff to work consciously towards compliance.

Thank you.

Christian Addai-Poku (PhD) Registrar

Ce: Honourable Minister, MoE Board Chair, NTC Teacher Unions

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