2021 BECE Results & School Placement Release: Mistakes to avoid

2021 BECE Results & School Placement Release: Mistakes to avoid

Every BECE candidate who sat for the 2021 School examination, as well as the Private BECE, is waiting for the release of the 2021 BECE Results and School Placements.

In the right order of things, the 2021 BECE will be released ahead of the school placements for candidates to enroll in schools they have been placed.

Every year, some BECE graduates and their parents make avoidable mistakes when the results of the examination and the school placements are released by the GES and WAEC.

The GES has per its new calendar for SHS indicated that first-year Free SHS students will report to school on 4th April 2022. Thus, the BECE 2021 results and school placements would be released no later than the 3rd week of March 2022. While we all wait for the results and the school placements, it is important to outline some of the mistakes to avoid when this information (your results and placement) is out.

  1. Do not delay checking your results. Some candidates and parents are so relaxed when the results are made public hence they do not see the urgency required to check the results. Some even wait till school placements are out before they check their results. Students and parents must be interested in checking results once they are released. This ensures, you know your fate early enough and get used to reality.
  2. Do not be deceived that, the results loaded will change after some days. This is false hence once you check your result, download it or print it. Using the card and going to buy a new one to recheck the result is a very big mistake and a waste of money.
  3. When the school placements for BECE candidates who sat for the 2021 Schools examination as well as Private BECE candidates are released, do not fear to check. Just in case you are not placed, you know your fate and can take necessary actions especially if you are given the chance to do the infamous self-placement. Self-placement is an opportunity given to candidates who passed the examination but due to their low raw score or poor selection and arrangement of schools were not automatically placed in a school. Such schools may be limited hence if you delay in checking the results only to find out you are to do self-placement, all the good schools might be selected by other students who were in the same situation even before you start the process. This experience can be very stressful for both parents and BECE graduates.
  4. Students who get the chance to self-place often make the mistake of choosing schools in a rush and often, they go to the internet café to check their placements alone. This does not always help if the candidate is to take advantage of the self-placement option. In such an instance, he or she has to go back home to inform parents or an elderly person. Guardians or parents can help their BECE graduates but going to the internet café to check the school placement together so that they can aid in the swift selection process if the Computerized School Selection and Processing System provides an avenue as discussed above for students.
  5. The desire of every BECE graduate to access secondary education as a boarding student has become fashionable and attractive since the introduction of the Free SHS policy. One mistake students make is that, if they are automatically placed in a day school they selected there is a good day school available during the self-placement; they feel reluctant to select it and end up choosing boarding schools that are very far from home.
  6. When choosing a school using the self-placement option, avoid choosing day schools that are far or in another region. Making this mistake means parents renting a hostel facility for a young adult. This can create serious problems if care is not taken.
  7. In case you are to do self-placement, do not make the mistake of choosing programmes you do not have the ability to study or interest in. For instance, an art inclined student chooses General Science or a Business inclined student chooses visual art because. Choose programmes you are comfortable with and can study with ease.

We hope this write up on the 7 mistakes to avoid when the BECE Results and School Placement for 2021 graduates are released will guide you in making informed decisions. While you wait for the results, it would be helpful if you were to research about the programme you want to study and the future career opportunities it offers you.



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