The kiss was nearly a kill. It flooded my mind with so much vacuum of the necessary things. I was just fortunate that I was left with only a paper to write when the kiss was planted on my lips. My fear of whether she was a Maame Water kept me company until the day after I sat for my final paper. My heart nearly exploded when my eyes finally embraced her dazzling beauty. I was in one of the senior classrooms, planning how to arrest the teachers concerned to sign my clearance form.

I didn’t want to have any problems with the teachers when I would come later for my certificate. It was not unknown how the teachers punished past students who failed to clear themselves before leaving campus. Their idleness would keep them very busy and they would keep students in a ‘go and come’ mode. Some did it as a silent method of milking the pockets of the young graduates who would by then begin their struggles with the life of confusion. And if the young graduates did not give such teachers any paper of value, the latter would not clear them. I didn’t want to go through such ordeal so I decided to get myself cleared before leaving campus.

I was so buried in the thoughts of the clearance form my eyes were glued to that I didn’t realise when she entered the class. I guessed she planned to startle me. I was just raising my head to free my head of the heat of thoughts when I saw, like a blur figure, the handshake of black and fair. My heart exploded like a bomb blast, and was almost uprooted from its cave of the thoracic cavity. I knew I was alone and the desks were my only company. I was therefore filled with fright when I felt the presence of a person in front of me. I jumped in my seat. The force of my jump descended on the combined table and chair wooden seat. It cried with screeches as it forcefully moved backwards.

She laughed but not so loudly as she tried to suppress the laughter. I could not blame her because my act was funny. I looked like a child who is trying to hide from the friend only for the friend he is hiding from to come from behind and shout: ‘Heeeiiii!!!’ She walked backwards as she laughed. I noticed her well then amidst the fear and shyness. ‘Wooww!!’ I exclaimed. ‘The uniforms and the checked dresses are evil. They have deprived our eyes from finding the favour of pleasure in our girls,’ I added, all in my head. I kept staring at her without blinking. How could I? Her naked skin, which shone with the glorious glow of the moon in a cloudless night, captured my attention to itself.

The short black pair of shorts, which allowed about half of her thick, fleshy thighs to smile to eyes, epitomised what was called ‘hot’ in the female fashion world. The bright blackness contrasted perfectly with the golden radiance of the skin of her thighs which smiled with the gentle sparks of sunlight at dusk, magnifying the saturation of her complexion. She was not slim. She was not big either. She was just a perfect medium-sized adolescent girl of 18 with very well-developed contours and breasts. Her buttocks were not overly huge; they were perfectly shaped and positioned. The vibration they produced could erupt hearts. Her smiles were as the gentle touch of sunrise; bringing the warmth of a new day. Her blouse subtly revealed her cleavage and I could see the tenderness that sat comfortably at the top of her hipped, bouncing breasts.

The fear that had swallowed me up because of her presence had been wiped away by the charm of her figure. I kept watching her and swallowing nothing. I blessed the uniforms I had earlier cursed for shielding us from such irresistible bullets of temptation. I imagined what the campus would look like in the absence of the uniforms. Even the teachers could not concentrate. I thought. It was possible for her to dress that way because we had finished our exams and teachers were scarce on campus. Apparently, she came prepared and purposely to tempt me or perhaps to get more of me before whatever would happen would happen.

‘I’m sorry for what I did the other day,’ her voice diffused the dense silence. I still couldn’t find any words for my tongue. The thought that I had kissed a Maame Water, which always rained fear on my entire soul and spirit, never visited my thoughts. You don’t have to apologise for anything. You did nothing wrong. I heard myself say. ‘Are you sure?’ she asked as she walked closer to me, looking straight into my eyes. I nodded. ‘So would you like some more?’ Before my splashed thoughts could settle for me to decide whether to say yes or otherwise, her lips were handshaking mine. My head seemed like a midnight without the heavens’ agents of light.

This act was quite extensive; we touched things. It solidified the lustful thoughts that I was struggling to delete, but was impossible because my mind had already deposited the scenery in the subconscious mind. We became very close friends but just for a while as we all departed to our various homes.

In the house, I continued the farming work I used to help my parents with before going to the SHS. The first weeks that formed the first two months did not take it kindly with me. I was restless and unhappy. Faustina was all I thought about. My yearn to see her was like thirst on a hot afternoon. Before the universities released their admission list, a great river pass through our house and took the only calabash I had away from me. It was sad for all of us but most importantly me. My father who was the strong pillar behind my education had fallen flat not to been seen again.

It was this tragedy that cleared my head and the thoughts of Faustina flowed away like water in a drainage. I cried all day and night almost all the time. My hope began to evaporate. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know who to talk to. My hope of becoming a medical doctor was on its way to drowning in the river of worries. It was as if my dream of becoming a medical doctor was about to be buried with my father.

But this dream quickly resurrected when I received an invite to Legon for an interview for scholarship towards my education.

Before the burial of my father, my uncles and aunts were all over the place like flies. They offered a great support that we didn’t expect. We didn’t worry that much because they were all over the place, lending their helping hands. They took the burial as their own. It was my thought that they were good family members perhaps and that good people still existed. But they had their own obvious reasons for taking over the preparations towards the funeral. For my father’s hard work and benevolence, a lot of people were present at the funeral. They gave a lot of money out to support the funeral too. There was no friction until when it was time for accounting. I had the shock of my life, even deeper than that of the death of my late father. Would this dream of my father come to life and see the day’s light?

Edem Kusorgbor

(Edem Fodeka)

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