We have come
To greet and receive inspiration
Before your throne of splash
Flying in the airs like birds
Your foaming outpour
Like the beer in our glasses
Without bitterness
Our arrival is met

You speak to us in silence
And when we leaveYour voice visits our footsteps
And sends whispers to our hearts

We love the music of silence
You always play
Depositing its residuals at our feet
We love your children
The breeze
The wave
The Oyster shells
We love it
When you open the gates of nature
When our souls leave the world
To connect back home
To bring our leftover luggage
Luggage of fortune
Skills and inheritance

When we hear the sound
Of that beautiful kiss
Between you and Mother Earth
When the warmth of your embrace
Plays with our feet
When you drive Mr. Crab
And the brothers ashore
To lead us into a lovely chase
We never wanted to leave
We want to coil our legs
Around your walking stick
To play
To reflect
To connect back home

©️Edem Kusorgbor Fodeka

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