I sold my head
I fault no one
For I know the world
Has become like a jungle
A jungle with mild
But dangerous animals

I was once swallowed
By pain in the camp of friends
I was once sold to betrayal
I was once lead astray

They took my head
With a promise secured
With just few Cedis for the season
And when the season died
When the dust no longer flew
I gave hope a chance
For I planted my head
Deeply in the season

But there was no water
To help my seed germinate
There was no sight
Of even the land
On which I planted
For me to water it myself

I sold my planted my head
In a greedy land
And when the wind blew
Reality of the wait hit me hard
The wait of four without
A moral right to ask why
I sold my head for just a Penny

Edem Fodeka Kusorgbor

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